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The Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act

OUR POSITION: CSS opposes the bill and urges members of Congress to vote against it.

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The Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (SBRFIA) would increase unnecessary and lengthy regulatory delays by adding a host of new analytical requirements for agency policy actions. The bill makes no attempt to target its new analytical requirements at rules that actually affect small businesses.

The bill would require agencies to consider the “indirect effects” or “revenue effects” of rules on small businesses without ever defining what those terms mean. In practice, agencies would be pressured to treat every new rule as impacting small business — even ones that, in reality, apply only to the big banks or big oil companies.

The SBRFIA would tie the hands of agencies, forcing them to delay actions until new analyses are completed. During public health emergencies and industrial accidents when agencies need to act quickly, lives could be lost and people could be needlessly injured while agencies are forced to conduct time consuming analyses.

In addition, the SBRFIA would inappropriately increase the authority of the Office of Advocacy in the Small Business Administration. Contrary to its name, the Office generally acts as a taxpayer-funded voice for large corporations and the trade associations dominated by them – not small businesses. It routinely repackages and submits talking points provided by corporate lobbyists as formal comments – making no effort to understand the science behind critical health and safety issues or determine whether its positions represent the views and interests of small businesses.

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