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Press Releases

Read the latest press releases and statements from the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards. Meet our experts on regulatory affairs. For press inquiries, please contact any of the following individuals:

David Rosen
Communications Officer, Coalition for Sensible Safeguards | (202) 588-7742





Congress Still Threatening Safeguards with CRA Resolutions (5/28/24)

CRA Remains a Threat to Regulatory Safeguards (4/10/24)

Congressional Review Act Has Been a Constant Threat to Safeguards as Agencies Work Hard to Beat the Lookback Date (3/5/24)

Corporate Groups Oppose Chevron Deference in Amicus Briefs (1/25/24)



Webinar with Jayapal: Why the Supreme Court Should Uphold Chevron (12/12/23)

House Judiciary Members Should Support Bill to End Regulatory Capture (11/9/23)

Congress Must Reject REINS-Like Amendments to Funding Bills (9/19/23)

House Attacks Regulation with Bills to Block New Public Protections (6/13/23)

The Future of Regulation: A Conversation with OIRA Administrator Richard Revesz (4/11/13)

House GOP Has It Backwards: Regulatory Process Needs Less Corporate Capture, Not More Congressional Dysfunction (3/10/23)

68 Groups Tell Congress: Reject the REINS Act (2/27/23)

Rachel Weintraub to Become First Executive Director for Newly Bolstered CSS (2/22/23)



CSS to Biden: Finish the Regulatory Review Modernization Process This Congress (9/15/22)

Biden Must Fill Leadership Vacancies at White House Regulatory Office ASAP (2/28/22)



95 Groups, Public Interest Leaders Call for Swift, Bold Action on Public Safeguards (12/9/20)

Poll: 71% of Voters Support Strong Regulation to Protect the Public (11/17/20)

CSS Unveils ‘Pandemic Rollbacks’ to Track Trump’s Dangerous Deregulation During the Coronavirus (05/18/20)



Cummings Was a Champion for Public Protections (10/17/19)

Win: Attacks on Safeguards Removed From SBA Reauthorization Bill (7/29/19)

Anti-Safeguard Provisions in Small Business Reauthorization Bill Will Hurt the Public (7/18/19)

MEDIA INVITATION: Defying Deregulation: Standing Up for Our System of Safeguards (6/17/19)

Stronger Summertime Safeguards Are Needed (5/20/19)

House Should Conduct Robust Oversight of Trump’s Anti-Safeguard Activities, CSS Says (2/11/19)

OMB Should Extend All Regulatory Comment Periods Open During the Shutdown (1/28/19)



The War on Regulation: Good for Corporations, Bad for the Public (5/29/18)

The War on Regulation Has Many Fronts, Forthcoming Report Shows (5/23/18)

Video Showing How Regulations Protect Families Wins 2018 Reed Award (3/13/18)

Trump’s State of the Union Fiction About Regulation Debunked (1/29/18)



Coalition Leaders Respond to Trump’s Speech on Deregulation (12/14/17)

Trump’s Small Business Advocacy Office Commissions Fake Study to Attack Regulation (10/30/17)

Families Harmed by Deregulation Blast the Regulatory Accountability Act (8/10/17)

Deregulatory Disasters: Americans Harmed by Deregulation Speak Out Against the Regulatory Accountability Act (8/2/17)

173 Groups Call on Congress to Pass a Clean Budget With No Ideological Riders (7/5/17)

CSS Leadership Blasts the Regulatory Accountability Act, Introduced in the Senate (4/26/17)

Leaders Criticize Trump’s Rigged Budget, Call for No Special Interest Riders in Appropriations Legislation (4/5/17)

Leaders to Criticize Trump’s Rigged Budget, Call for No Special Interest Riders in Appropriations Legislation in Wednesday Telepresser (4/4/17)

Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Budget Would Endanger American Families and Communities (3/16/17)

House Should Reject Three Anti-Regulatory Proposals (2/28/17)

125 Groups Urge Congress to Table the Congressional Review Act (1/30/17)

CSS Leaders and Allies Respond to Trump’s 2-Out-1-In Executive Order (1/30/17)

52 Groups and Coalition for Sensible Safeguards Oppose Mulvaney as Too Extreme to Direct OMB (1/23/17)

House Should Reject the Regulatory Accountability Act, Which Endangers the Public (1/11/17)

Regulatory Accountability Act Is a Frankenstein’s Monster Built to Block and Delay Public Protections (1/5/17)

House Republicans Poised to Gut Our System of Public Protections (1/4/17)



‘Omnibus Map’ Delivered to Hill Offices Spotlights Dangerous Budget Riders (11/16/16)

Obama Shouldn’t Let Republicans Dismantle His Legacy of Protecting the Public on His Last Watch (11/14/16)

260 Groups Strongly Oppose Hundreds of Harmful Policy Riders in Appropriations Legislation (11/4/16)

Overturning Judicial Deference to Agencies Would Turn Judges Into Policymakers (7/11/16)

MEDIA INVITATION: Senators Warren, Whitehouse to Keynote Hill Briefing on Regulatory Challenges (6/16/16)

House GOP Attacks on Regulation Serve Big Business, Not Regular Americans (6/14/16)

Senior Lawmakers and Clean Budget Coalition Leaders Urge Congress to Reject Poison Pill Appropriations Riders (5/18/16)

More Than 100 Groups Insist on No Riders in Spending Legislation (2/8/16)

Congress Kicks Off New Year With Same Old Deregulatory Agenda (1/5/16)



Congress Shouldn’t Fill This Prescription: Spending Bill Policy Riders Are Poison Pills (12/11/15)

Regulations Are a Great Investment (10/30/15)

Hide No Harm Would Establish Criminal Penalties for Corporate Executives (10/6/15)

REINS Would Let Members of Congress Block Public Protections – By Doing Nothing (7/28/15)

Package of Bills Would Worsen – Not Reform – Our Regulatory System (7/22/15)

Hostility to Basic Safeguards Perpetuates Oil Trains Crisis, Jeopardizes Public Safety (7/8/15)

Senate Majority Attacks the Rulemaking Process, but Their So-Called Reforms Would Make It Worse (3/18/15)

House Majority Has It Backwards: Safeguards Protect Small Manufacturers and Their Workers (3/17/15)

Corporate Congress Trying to Kill Public Safeguards (3/4/15)

Beware This Big Business Trojan Horse (2/3/15)

House Bill Lets Big Business Write the Rules and Secretly Block Them (1/30/15)

Spotlight on Ernst’s Hostility to Regulations (1/20/15)

Extreme RAA Would Sabotage Major Health, Safety, Consumer and Environmental Protections (1/12/15)



Voters Overwhelmingly Want More Enforcement of Laws and Regulations, New Poll Shows (10/1/14)

New Legislation Would Allow Criminal Penalties Against Corporate Officers Who Hide Information on Dangerous Products (7/16/14)

GAO’s Rejection of McConnell Bid to Stymie Safeguards Should Put Effort to Rest (5/29/14)

Murphy-Mulvaney Bill on Regulations Would Give Big Industries a Tool to Undo Clean Air, Food Safety, Consumer Product Safeguards (5/20/14)

President’s Call for Executive Actions Welcome, Must Be Followed by Bold Action (1/29/14)

West Virginia Chemical Spill Highlights Need for Strengthened Public Protections (1/14/14)



American and European Groups Press for Protected Safeguards in Transatlantic Trade (12/16/13)

New Reed-Grassley Bill Would End Corporate Practice of Deducting Payments for Illegal Behavior from Taxes (11/7/13)

Consumer, Safety and Public Interest Groups Decry Threats Trans-Atlantic “Trade” Deal Poses to Americans’ Daily Lives (11/7/13)

Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act Would Hinder Federal Agencies Charged With Protecting the Public (9/18/13)

Home Care Workers Rule a Victory for Millions, a Step Forward for Administration (9/17/13)

Improved Silica Standards Will Save Lives (8/23/13)

5th Anniversary of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act: Five Safety Breakthroughs in Five Years (8/5/13)

REINS Act Would Decimate Public Protections, But It’s a Messaging Stunt That Won’t Become Law (8/2/13)

Bills in House Judiciary Committee Would Stifle Public Safeguards (7/25/13)

Howard Shelanski Must Free Stalled Rules at White House Rulemaking Office (6/28/13)

Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act Undermine Independent Agencies, Weaken Dodd-Frank Protections and Threaten Consumer Product Safety (6/18/13)

Down the Regulatory Rabbit Hole (6/11/13)

Regulatory Accountability Act Threatens to Weaken Nation’s Primary Health, Safety and Environmental Laws (5/24/13)

New Federal Safeguards Issued in 2012 Bring Major Benefits to Public, New U.S. Report Shows (5/1/13)

OIRA Nominee Howard Shelanski Faces Test: Will He Pledge Major Reforms to Rejuvenate Regulatory System, Serve the Public? (4/26/13)

As Country Honors West, Texas, Victims in Memorial, Work Lies Ahead to Make Workers, First Responders, Public Safer (4/25/13)

Third Anniversary of BP Oil Spill Disaster Highlights Need for More Proactive Approach on Public Protections (4/19/13)

Groups Oppose President’s Budget Assumption on Finalization of USDA Poultry Rule (4/12/13)

Budget Amendments Would Threaten Public Protections; Coalition Urges Lawmakers to Oppose Attack on Regulations (3/21/13)

Radical REINS Act — Distraction from Other Anti-Regulatory Bills (3/8/13)



Sensible Safeguards: The Gift That Keeps on Giving, Especially During the Holidays (12/12/12)

Senate Puts Brakes on Bill That Would Weaken Federal Safeguards and Protections (11/19/12)

Top Financial Regulators Oppose Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act (11/1/12)

Groups Urge USDA to Withdraw Poultry Slaughter Proposal Due to Food Safety, Worker Safety Concerns (9/20/15)

New Fuel Efficiency Standards Showcase Benefits of Regulations (8/28/12)

Economic Studies Show that America’s Regulatory Safeguards Give the U.S. Economy a Competitive Advantage (8/21/12)

GOP Vote to Halt All New Health, Environmental and Workplace Safeguards Would Harm Millions (7/26/12)

Regulatory Shutdown Proposal Is Unprecedented, Would Harm Millions, Lawmakers and Public Interest Groups Say (7/23/12)

A Good Move: Administration Gives People More Time to Weigh in on Wrongheaded Poultry Rule (4/19/12)

Administration Sending Wrong Message on Regulatory Review (3/20/12)

Short Memories in Congress Powering Misguided JOBS Act (3/14/12)

Our Nation Values Public Safeguards That Keep Our Union Strong (1/24/12)



House Completes Its Terrible Trifecta by Passing the REINS Act (12/7/11)

House Jeopardizes Public Health and Safety with Irresponsible Regulatory Accountability Act (12/2/11)

House to Vote on Terrible Trifecta of Deregulatory Bills That Would Destroy Vital Safeguards (11/30/11)

Regulatory Accountability Act Puts Public in Harm’s Way (11/16/11)

The Senate Republican Jobs Bill: A “Jobs Plan” About Everything Except Jobs (11/10/11)

House Judiciary Committee Approves Atrocious Regulatory Accountability Act; Bill With “Bipartisan” Facade Threatens Vital Public Safeguards (11/3/11)

GOP Alternative to Jobs Bill Puts the American People at Risk (11/3/11)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Takes Its Anti-Regulatory Road Show to Posh Atlanta Hotel, Attacks Standards That Protect Georgia Families (10/27/11)

House Judiciary Committee Examination Into System of Regulatory Protections Is Ill Conceived (10/25/11)

House Judiciary Committee’s Approval of REINS Act is Deplorable; Bill Would Destroy a Century of Progress on Public Protections (10/25/11)

REINS Act: A Radical Threat to Health, Safety and Other Public Protections (10/13/11)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Takes Its Anti-Regulatory Road Show to Posh Chicago Hotel, Attacks Standards That Protect Illinois Families (10/5/11)

Food Deaths Are Stark Reminder That Delaying Regulatory Safeguards Puts People at Risk (9/30/11)

Regulatory Accountability Act is Another Attempt to Weaken Vital Public Safeguards (9/22/11)

TRAIN Act Continues Misguided Attacks on Public Health and Environmental Protections (9/19/11)

Halting Life-Saving Protections for a Year Will Not Create Jobs, But Only Place Americans in Harm’s Way (9/13/11)

President, Congress Must Acknowledge Regulatory Protections Preserve Jobs, Strengthen Our Economy and Nation (9/7/11)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Makes Tour Stop at Posh Resort, Attacks Regulations That Protect West Virginia Miners and Families (9/1/11)

White House Should Reject Big Business Fiction That the Jobs Crisis Is Due to Excessive Regulation (8/23/11)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Bringing Its Regulatory Snake Oil Tour to Wisconsin (8/5/11)

Big Business Influence on Regulatory Process Is Behind Anti-Smog Rules Delay (7/26/11)

Novel Website Exposes U.S. Chamber of Commerce Regulatory Snake Oil Tour (7/25/11)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ramps up Attacks on Public Protections with Planned Roadshow (6/8/11)

Streamlining Regulatory Process Is Fine, but Administration Should Look Forward, Not Back (Update) (6/3/11)

Streamlining Regulatory Process Is Fine, but Administration Should Look Forward, Not Back (5/26/11)

Another Lopsided Hearing Ignores Societal Benefits of Regulation (5/25/11)

Obama Administration Should Defend and Strengthen Regulatory Safeguards (5/18/11)

Regulations Save Lives, Contribute to Job Growth, Groups Tell Lawmakers (5/16/11)

Senate Should Reject Snowe-Coburn Amendment to Small Business Bill (5/3/11)

Congress Should Reject Proposals That Would Hamstring Government’s Ability to Protect Health and Safety (4/11/11)

Sunset Commission Amendment Presents an Unaccountable Attack on Public Protections (3/16/11)

REINS Act Would Undermine Crucial Public Protections (3/8/11)