Washington DC Presidential InaugurationTime and again, American voters voice their support for strong and effective regulations. Americans see the need for clear rules of the road that protect workers and families from reckless corporations that cut corners and put profits ahead of people.

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Most Recent Polls

Survey Finds Voters’ Reject Financial Regulation Rollback
Better Markets: September 2018

Death Estimates Tied to Trump Coal Rule Make It Less Popular
Politico & Morning Consult: September 2018

Fewer Than a Third of Consumers Support EPA Proposal to Roll Back Fuel Economy Regulations
Autolist.com: August 2018

Americans Favor More Regulation of Internet Sites, But Not Bans on Content
Gallup: August 2018

Voters Oppose Mulvaney Policies at CFPB
Center for Responsible Lending & Americans for Financial Reform: July 2018

Public Support for Endangered Species Act Is Widespread
Michigan Technological University, Ohio State University and California State University: July 2018

Voters Are Prepared to Reward Candidates Who Support Efforts to Curb Wall Street’s Influence
Lake Research Partners: May 2018

Small Businesses Say Commonsense Regulations Needed to Ensure a Competitive Economy
Small Business Majority: May 2018

60 Percent of Registered Voters Support Net Neutrality
Morning Consult / Politico: May 2018

Americans Say “Bring on the Data Privacy Regulations”
Janrain: April 2018

Environmental Concerns May Turn Voters Blue
Change Research / Our Daily Planet: April 2018

83 Percent of Americans Want Tougher Regulations and Penalties for Breaches of Data Privacy
HarrisX: April 2018

Majority Calls for More Regulations Against Facebook
CBS News/YouGov: April 2018

Voters Support Strong EPA Fuel Efficiency Standards
American Lung Association: March 2018

Facebook Users Join Call for Regulation, Survey Finds
CNBC / Reconnect Research: March 2018

Most Americans Want More Regulation of Facebook
Reuters/Ipsos: March 2018

Strong Majorities Support Regulating Wall Street, Oppose Rolling Back Regulations on Big Banks or Mortgage Lending
Public Policy Polling: February 2018

Majority Worried Tech Giants Lack Regulation
Axios-Survey Monkey: February 2018

2018 Federal Scientists Survey
Union of Concerned Scientists: February 2018

The Stunning ‘Role of Government’ Numbers
NBC News/Wall Street Journal: January 2018

Small Business Owners Want More Regulation of Alternative Lenders
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research: December 2017

83 Percent of Voters Support Keeping FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules
University of Maryland: December 2017



Past Polls

GOP Polling Firm: Bipartisan Support for Consumer Bureau Arbitration Rule
American Future Fund: October 2017

Consumers Back the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Consumer Affairs: August 2017

Consumers Support Strong Regulation of Wall Street, Poll Finds: The Annual Survey Also Found Strong Support for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Americans for Financial Reform and the Center for Responsible Lending: July 2017

Michigan, Missouri Support Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards
Natural Resources Defense Council: May 2017

Americans Want Payday Loan Reform, Support Lower-Cost Bank Loans
The Pew Charitable Trusts: April 2017

86 Percent of Shoppers Care About Animal Welfare in Organic Meats and Poultry
Consumer Reports: April 2017

Two-Thirds of U.S. Voters Take Climate Personally
Quinnipiac University: April 2017

In US, Water Pollution Worries Highest Since 2001
Gallup: March 2017

Voters Say Trump Should Not Cut Regulations on Businesses or Regulations to Combat Climate Change
Quinnipiac University: February 2017

Public Opinion Stacked Against Anti-Environmental Agenda of New Congress
Center for American Progress: January 2017

Unlike Trump, Americans Want Strong Environmental Regulator
Reuters/Ipsos: January 2017

Americans Want Greater Enforcement of Regulations
Lake Research Partners: December 2016

A Large Majority of Voters Want Action on Climate Change
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication: December 2016

83% of Americans Support New Seafood Traceability Requirements
Oceana: September 2016

Large Majorities in States Suing Federal Government Favor Clean Power Plan
Voice of the People: September 2016

New Battleground Poll: Obama Administration Overtime Rule Overwhelmingly Popular and Republicans Who Oppose It Pay a Penalty
NELP Action Fund: September 2016

On 10th Anniversary of Northeast Climate Program, Poll Shows Continued Overwhelming Support
Sierra Club: August 2016

Americans Overwhelmingly Back Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards
Natural Resources Defense Council: August 2016

Americans Express Broad Support for Financial Regulation and the Work of the CFPB
Americans for Financial Reform and the Center for Responsible Lending: July 2016

The American People Really Really Really Don’t Like Payday Lending
Americans for Financial Reform, the Center for Responsible Lending, the National Council of La Raza, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: July 2016

Strong Public Support for Improving Fuel Economy in New Vehicles
Consumers Union: June 2016

Fact Sheet: Polling Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Support Tougher Regulation of Big Business
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards: June 2016

Americans Want Stronger Regulation of Cosmetics | Summary of Results
Environmental Working Group: March 2016

Most Americans Say Stricter Environmental Regulations Are Worth the Cost
Pew Research Center: February 2016

Democrats Big on Market Regulation, Inequality
AP-NORC: February 2016

64 Percent of Voters Support Obama’s Power Plant Regulations
Public Policy Polling: December 2015

Most Americans Believe Government Should Have a Major Role in Ensuring Safe Food and Medicine, Protecting the Environment, and Setting Workplace Standards — and is Doing a Good Job at It
Pew Research Center: November 2015

Americans Strongly Support Transportation Safety Standards | Full Results
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety: November 2015

Most Americans Support FDA Regulation Of E-Cigarettes | Full Results
NPR-Truven Health Analytics: October 2015

Poll Shows Bi-Partisan Support for New Rules to Prevent Chemical Disasters | Summary of Results | Full Results
Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disasters: October 2015

Poll Shows African Americans Strongly Back Climate Action, Believe Shifting to Clean Energy Will Create Jobs, Hold Down Electric Bills
Natural Resources Defense Council: September 2015

Poll Shows Bipartisan Voter Support for Corporate Giving Rule
Public Policy Polling: September 2015

Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Support for Stricter Smog Standards, Despite Millions Spent by Opposition | Summary of Results | Full Results
American Lung Association: August 2015

An Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support the Clean Power Plan | Summary of Results | Full Results
League of Conservation Voters: August 2015

Hunters and Anglers Nationwide Support the Clean Water Rule | Summary of Results | Full Results
National Wildlife Federation: July 2015

Voters Strongly Support More Regulation of the Financial Industry | Full Results
Americans for Financial Reform & the Center for Responsible Lending: July 2015

90 Percent of American Voters Support the Endangered Species Act | Summary of Results
Earthjustice & Defenders of Wildlife: July 2015

Ohioans Support Clean Water Protections, Investment in Great Lakes | Full Results
Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition: May 2015

Unethical, Illegal Behavior Persists on Wall Street, According to Financial Advisers
University of Notre Dame & Labaton Sucharow: May 2015

Voters Favor the Clean Water Rule by a Wide Margin | Summary of Results
League of Conservation Voters: May 2015

Americans Strongly Support Increase in Threshold for Overtime Pay | Summary of Results | Full Results
Public Policy Polling: May 2015

Surveys Support Changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel for Added Sugars | Fact Sheet
Center for Science in the Public Interest: April 2015

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Stricter Smog Standards
American Lung Association: November 2014

With Near Unanimity, Voters Believe There Should Be Increased Enforcement of Laws and Regulations in the U.S. | Summary of Results | Full Results
Enforcement Working Group: July 2014

Vast Majority of Americans Still Want Tough Financial Regulation, Consider Wall Street and Big Banks ‘Bad Actors,’ Disappointed in Government Response So Far
Better Markets: July 2014

Wall Street Regulation Needs to be Tougher, Americans Overwhelmingly Agree
Americans for Financial Reform & Center for Responsible Lending: June 2014

A Huge Majority of Americans Support Regulating Carbon from Power Plants. And They’re Even Willing to Pay for It
Washington Post & ABC News: June 2014

Strong Consumer Support for Financial Regulation
Americans for Financial Reform & Center for Responsible Lending: July 2013

Small Businesses Support Strong Accountability for Financial Industry
Small Business Majority: January 2013

Small Business Owners’ Opinions on Regulation and Job Creation | Summary of Results
American Sustainable Business Council & Main Street Alliance & Small Business Majority: February 2012

A Plurality of Voters Favor Increasing Regulation of Big Business and Corporations | Summary of Results
Coalition for Sensible Safeguards: May 2011