The Coalition for Sensible Safeguards is a national alliance of more than 160 organizations, representing millions of Americans. We are committed to strengthening public protections, encouraging sound enforcement and repelling the ongoing attacks against commonsense regulatory safeguards.

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Good Morning!

Stated opponents of bureaucratic red tape use bureaucratic red tape to delay the implementation of regulatory safeguards for workers, consumers and the environment

The Senate wants to give corporations legal immunity if their workers get COVID-19. Translation: no consequences if a company doesn’t provide protective equipment or enforce physical distancing.

This is a green light for corporate abuse. RT if you agree: #NoCorporateImmunity

Stop defending legacy riders in the annual spending bills, @KenCalvert.

These measures harm public health, attack women, destroy our environment, fuel corruption, endanger consumers and more.

Americans deserve a #cleanbudget without all the poison pills.