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Issues We're Working On Now

  • OPPOSING: The Regulatory Accountability Act

    We're opposing the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would rig the rules for big business. Learn More.
  • OPPOSING: Poison Pill Appropriations Riders

    We're opposing harmful policy riders added to federal funding legislation, many of which threaten vital public protections. Learn More.
  • SUPPORTING: Families Harmed by Deregulation

    We're helping to amplify the voices of families harmed by deregulation and inadequate regulatory protections. Learn More.

    We're opposing the REINS Act, which would let Congress veto vital public protections simply by doing nothing. Learn More.

About Us

The Coalition for Sensible Safeguards (CSS) is a national alliance of more than 160 organizations, representing millions of Americans. We are joined in the belief that our nation’s system of regulatory safeguards should secure our quality of life, pave the way for a sound economy and benefit us all. CSS is committed to strengthening public protections, encouraging sound regulatory enforcement and repelling attacks against sensible safeguards. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.