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Stop Corporate Capture Act (SCCA)

OUR POSITION: CSS supports the bill and urges lawmakers to vote for it.

To tackle the pressing challenges we face as a nation – including the climate crisis, growing economic inequality, and racial injustice – we need a robust, responsive, and inclusive federal regulatory system. We do not have such a regulatory system today.

After decades of neglect and underinvestment, our regulatory system is rife with delay, unbridled corporate influence, inadequate transparency, and weak public accountability. It also had failed to keep up with innovation and technological advances, and must do more to properly account for social justice and equity impacts.

The Stop Corporate Capture Act offers a comprehensive blueprint for modernizing, improving, and strengthening the regulatory system to protect the public more effectively. It would level the playing field for all members of the public to have their views accounted for in regulatory decisions that affect them, promote scientific integrity, and restore our government’s ability to deliver results for workers, consumers, public health, and the environment.

The bill would bring transparency to the “black box” of the White House regulatory review process, which has become a focal point for corporate lobbying. It would accomplish this by requiring disclosure of changes and the sources of those changes to draft rules during that process. Furthermore, the bill would make it a federal crime for corporations to submit false information in order to influence regulators during the rulemaking process and would require anyone submitting scientific or other technical research to agencies during the rulemaking process to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

The bill also would create an Office of the Public Advocate, charged with promoting agencies’ public engagement and helping the public participate more effectively in regulatory proceedings, especially people from marginalized communities. The Office of the Public Advocate would research the social equity impacts of the regulatory process and perform social equity assessments of pending rules when requested by the public. The bill also would strengthen agency procedures for notifying the public, particularly members of structurally marginalized communities and non-English speakers, about pending rulemakings.

Finally, the Stop Corporate Capture Act would codify Chevron deference, the long-standing principle that prevents judges from allowing their political preferences to influence their decisions in cases involving regulations. The bill would require courts to defer to agencies that Congress empowered to protect the public. In addition, the bill would bar the White House from unreasonably delaying essential safeguards by empowering agencies to resume work if the regulatory review process fails to conclude after 60 days. Importantly, the bill would authorize agencies to quickly reinstate any rules that were rescinded through the Congressional Review Act.

Congress must pass the Stop Corporate Capture Act to enact these critical and long overdue reforms to our nation’s regulatory process, so that it works for the public interest.



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