Lisa Donner

Executive Director, Americans for Financial Reform

Lisa Donner is the Executive Director of Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), a coalition that brings together more than 200 national, state and local groups to work together to reform the financial industry. Members of the coalition include consumer, civil rights, labor, community, faith based, and business groups, as well as economists and other experts. Our goal is a financial system that is fairer for consumers, and that better serves an equitable and sustainable real economy, rather than putting it at risk.

AFR led the efforts of groups on the ground to strengthen and pass the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, including the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Since passage of that legislation AFR has defended the CFPB from continual attacks and pushed for effective consumer protection rules, fought for the public interest perspective as hundreds of crucial regulations shaping the financial system are written, and focused public attention on the need to transform the financial system, help homeowners and communities impacted by the foreclosure crisis and hold Wall Street accountable.

Prior to joining AFR — first as Deputy Director — Lisa was the Executive Director of the Half in Ten Campaign, and the co-director of the Center for Working Families. In these positions she developed and promoted policy on fair taxes, work and family, anti-poverty measures, and green jobs. Before that, Lisa was a union and community organizer and campaign strategist.