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The Crude-By-Rail Safety Act

OUR POSITION: CSS supports the bill and urges members of Congress to vote for it.

Washington DC Presidential Inauguration

The Crude-By-Rail Safety Act (S. 859) would establish new federal safety standards for rail cars that transport oil across the country. This legislation comes in response to the wave of oil train derailments and explosions that continue to threaten communities throughout the United States and Canada.

The bill would set a federal safety standard for the more volatile tar sands and shale crude oil. It would require rail cars to be protected by steel shells that are more puncture-resistant as well as thermal jackets that increase fire resistance, and it would require an immediate halt to the transport of oil in any rail car that hasn’t been reinforced.

The bill also mandates more safety inspections of rail carriers and oil producers, heftier penalties for noncompliance and improved spill response plans. And it would require that state and local authorities be notified before oil trains move through their communities.




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