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The Midnight Rule Relief Act

OUR POSITION: CSS opposes the bill and urges lawmakers to vote against it.

Capitol hillThe Midnight Rule Relief Act would impose a blanket moratorium on any proposed or final major regulations during the final months of presidential administrations.

This legislation is based on a fundamentally false premise: that regulations proposed or finalized during the so-called “midnight” rulemaking period – the period following the election and before the inauguration of the new president – are rushed and inadequately vetted. In fact, the very opposite is true. Many of these proposed public health and safety protections have been working their way through the regulatory process for years or decades, and some of them predate the current administration. Furthermore, many of these regulations were mandated by Congress and have missed rulemaking deadlines set by Congress.

Making matters worse, this legislation exempts deregulatory measures from the moratorium, a flagrant and unjustifiable double-standard. The practical effect of this exemption is to ensure that the legislation will apply only to administrations that attempt to regulate, while creating a permanent loophole for administrations attempting to deregulate and dismantle existing public protections.



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