OUR POSITION: CSS opposes the bill and urges members of Congress to vote against it.

Capitol hill

The REVIEW Act would make our system of regulatory safeguards weaker by requiring courts reviewing “high-impact” regulations to automatically “stay” or block their enforcement until all litigation is resolved, a process that takes many years to complete.

This problematic proposal would reverse one of the most fundamental and settled legal principles in our regulatory system: that courts are allowed to use their discretion to determine whether is appropriate to issue an injunction blocking the enforcement of a regulation while it is being challenged in court.

Changing this not only would tie the hands of agencies and courts, it would invite nearly endless litigation that would increase regulatory delays immeasurably. If passed, the REVIEW Act would rob the American people of many critical science-based public protections, especially those that ensure clean air and water, safe food and consumer products, safe workplaces, and a stable, prosperous economy.



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