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The Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act

OUR POSITION: CSS opposes the bill and urges lawmakers to vote against it.

Capitol hillThe Unfunded Mandates and Information Transparency Act would require federal agencies to alert regulated industries when they are considering drafting a rule and solicit their feedback – before the public learns there may be a rule under consideration. Businesses could block even a hypothetical future rule and the public might never find out.

The bill would require agencies to perform retrospective analyses at the request of any chairman or ranking member of any House or Senate committee. Agencies could be forced to perform dozens, if not hundreds, of unnecessary retrospective reviews for rules that have been on the books for decades – diverting staff and resources from developing critical new safety standards.

In addition, the legislation would improperly expand the scope of judicial review by requiring judges to assess cost-benefit analyses that they do not have the economic, technical and scientific expertise to evaluate. This unprecedented role for the courts is just a recipe for more litigation, endless delays and greater uncertainty for regulated industries and the public.



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