Reality Check: The Forgotten Lessons of Deregulation and Unsung Successes of Sensible Safeguards

Safeguards on the Road smallReality Check, a book by Public Citizen’s Taylor Lincoln, provides an in-depth reminder of how deregulation and lax regulation derailed the economy. It puts forth a series of case studies that counter allegations that have been made against regulations in recent years. Contrary to oft-recited allegations that public safety rules are a drag on the economy, the case studies in this book show that regulations have a remarkable record of benefiting industry as well as the public.

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Covers, Introduction and Acknowledgments

Introduction to Section I: The Forgotten Lessons of Deregulation

Chapter 1: Regulators’ Failure To Heed Warnings Allowed Subprime Mortgage Lending to Spin Out Of Control

Chapter 2: Unregulated Derivatives Trading Fueled The Lending Frenzy And Pushed The Financial System To The Brink Of Collapse

Chapter 3: Evisceration Of Commodities Trading Rules Caused Price Spikes For All Vital Products

Chapter 4: Electricity Deregulation Led To Higher Costs And Reduced Reliability

Chapter 5: Lax Regulation Led To The Downfall Of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Introduction to Section II: Regulations In The Real World

Chapter 6: Cranes & Derricks: The Prolonged Creation Of A Key Public Safety Rule

Chapter 7: OSHA Inaction: Onerous Requirements Prevent And Delay Lifesaving Rules 

Chapter 8: Public Safeguards Past Due

Chapter 9: The Unsung Hero In American Innovation

Chapter 10: Regulations At Work: Five Rules That Save Workers’ Lives And Protect Their Health

Chapter 11: Industry Repeats Itself: Hysteria Over Financial Reforms, Then And Now

Appendix: Studies Contradict Claims That Regulations Reduce Employment