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One year later, West Texas fertilizer explosion disaster a reminder of need for updated safeguards

At a time when our nation’s system of safeguards and standards are constantly under attack, it’s up to us to stand up and protect them. Americans want to be protected from chemical companies using unsafe practices, from banks and lenders trying to use us to make a profit, from unsafe food and drugs, and more. That is why we are using this week to provide a positive message: that Americans want strong public safeguards and want to see our nation’s ability to protect its citizens strengthened.

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Anadarko Petroleum gets a $550 million tax break after historic environmental damage payment

Anadarko: Just One Example of Corporations Getting a Refund for Their Crimes

Imagine a company that, for 85 years, polluted the environment by dumping harmful uranium, wood creosote, and rocket fuel waste (including on Native American land). That waste contaminated and sickened over 7,000 people. That company then paid $5.1 billion to resolve charges by the federal government.  Then that very same government gave that company $550 million back in tax benefits, because the company was able to write their payment off as a “business expense.”

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