It’s Time To Rise Up

By Maura Crowley, Sierra Club

There’s no doubt, this year has been hard. 2018 has proven to be a year of extremes — the world has experienced drought, floods, wildfires, and mudslides, all exacerbated by climate change. On top of that, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment we depend upon are all under attack as with each passing day Trump and his corrupt cabinet announce new rollbacks of our clean air, water and climate safeguards.

But we’re not waiting around. We must rise up and demand climate action from our local leaders. On september 8, Sierra Club is joining Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice mobilizations around the country to demand bold and visionary leadership that fights for 100% clean energy and an economy that leaves no one behind.

August is proving to be the worst month for climate yet under the Trump administration, with corrupt, anti-science government officials committed to environmental deregulation and the dismantling of key safeguards that keep us healthy. From rolling back the clean car standards to gutting the methane rule to censoring science, this administration has shown it won’t stop at anything to give corporate polluters what they want. Now, the Clean Power Plan is the latest Obama-era climate policy to be subjected to the Trump-Wheeler-Pruitt mission of rolling back fundamental safeugards that account for most of the emission reductions. Perhaps the most dangerous attack of all this month is President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose extremist agenda and anti-environmental record could derail any attempt to fight back against climate change.

It’s time to take to the streets to demand bold action on climate change before it’s too late. But in just two weeks we have the opportunity to  do just that by rising up and fighting back at Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice mobilizations across the country. Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice mobilizations are the perfect time to fight back against attacks on American public health and the planet by rejecting Trump’s dangerous agenda and demanding clean energy jobs, cleaner cars, and a safe climate. Sierra Club activists are planning everything from local marches for labor rights and environmental justice, to lemonade stands with voter registration, to full day festivals! Don’t miss out on the fun.

We will be loud, we will be united, and we will be everywhere with our call for our elected leaders to listen to the people — not the polluters, the billionaires, or the hateful — by fighting for climate, jobs, and justice today, in November, and beyond. Join Sierra Club members and supporters across the country on Sept. 8 for the Peoples Climate Movement march. We are rising up across the nation to fight for our climate, good jobs, and for our justice.

Click here to Rise at an event near you.

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