What You Need to Know About Scott Pruitt

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By Sierra Club

Today, Scott Pruitt will go before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for his confirmation hearing — and we’re likely to hear more on why he is the most unfit and dangerous person ever tapped to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Here’s what you need to know:

Scott Pruitt:

  • …is a friend to fossil fuels, forming secretive alliances with major oil and gas companies to attack environmental protections. Read more here.

  • …sued the EPA to stop them from protecting children against mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin. He’s actually sued the EPA 14 times. Read more here and here.

  • …led the fight to destroy the life-saving, job-creating Clean Power Plan. Read more here.

  • …created an organization designed to undermine essential federal safeguards across the board — what’s worse is this group can even take unlimited corporate donations. Read more here.

  • …denies climate science, despite what 97% of climate scientists and the majority of Americans say. Read more here.

  • …failed to follow the law on reporting outside attorney contacts. Read more here.

  • …gutted enforcement of environmental protections. Scott Pruitt eliminated the budget for the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Environmental Enforcement Unit, and shut it down. Instead, he started up a new unit that spent its time suing the federal government to try and stop safeguards that protect our air, protect our water, and save lives. Read more.

  • …sat on his hands while families in Bokoshe, Oklahoma were getting sick from a coal ash dump in their community. Read more here.

  • …refused to act when Oklahoma became the most seismic state in the lower 48 and earthquakes destroyed people’s homes as fracking increased. What Pruitt has done – and not done – in Oklahoma is sneak preview for what he would do to the rest of our nation if he becomes EPA administrator. Read more here.

  • … mixed and mingled his PAC, Super PAC, and C4 to the point that it’s difficult to see where when operation ends and the other begins. Read more here or here.

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