OIRA, Jayapal, Coalition Leaders Lay the Groundwork for Progressive Regulatory Reform

By Bitsy Skerry, Public Citizen

On May 19, the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards held a highly anticipated virtual event on modernizing the regulatory process titled, “Making the Regulatory Process More Fair, Inclusive, and Effective: Perspectives from Jayapal, OIRA, and Coalition Leaders.” The event featured insights from one of the leading regulatory policy officials in the Biden administration, the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and coalition leaders. The event closed with a Q&A session for the panelists.

Sam Berger, senior counselor for the U.S. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), kicked off the event by highlighting what the Biden administration is doing to improve and strengthen the regulatory system and previewed upcoming reforms.

“When we think about important issues like climate change, equity, [and] economic growth, having a regulatory process that ensures swift and effective federal action is critical. That’s why we’re putting regulatory modernization at the center of what OIRA does,” Berger said.

“On day one, the president issued a memorandum directing us to develop concrete proposals to ensure the regulatory review process better promotes public health and safety, economic growth, social welfare, racial justice, environmental stewardship, human dignity, [and] equity in the interests of future generations. We’re hard at work putting together these proposals and are excited to share them with the public once they’re ready,” he added.

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) discussed her groundbreaking legislation, called the Stop Corporate Capture Act, and how it rolls back corporate influence in the regulatory process by increasing the influence of consumers, workers, and underserved communities.

“My Stop Corporate Capture Act will update the process so that we include a path for agencies to issue strong public interest rules. The Act will block out corporate interest, increase transparency, and promote accountability. And it will also create a framework for the consideration of social equity in the regulatory process,” she said.

Watch the full video to hear more from leaders who are fighting to make the rulemaking process work for the people, not corporations.