That’s Free Press for $800, Alex

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By Free Press

We’ve always been big fans of Jeopardy, but never in our most outlandish fantasies did we imagine that we’d become part of the show.

But that’s exactly what happened last night.

The category: “Principles.”

The answer, worth $800, was this: “ is a website that’s interested in ‘Net’ this, ‘the internet’s guiding principle.’”

Contestant Shawn delivered the winning question: “Net Neutrality!”

Here’s the triumphant moment:

While we appreciate the shout-out, this pop-culture breakthrough really shows how popular Net Neutrality is, and how vital it is to everything we love about the internet.

Right now, the internet’s future is in, well, jeopardy thanks to the Trump FCC’s decision to overturn the Net Neutrality rules.

But you can help save it. In May, the Senate passed a Congressional Review Act resolution that would restore the open-internet rules. A companion bill is now moving through the House, where 177 reps have signed on. To force a full vote, we need 41 more reps to sign on: Urge the congressional holdouts to get on the right side of history and support the Net Neutrality CRA.

Postscript: While Shawn didn’t go on to win the show, he’s the true winner in our book.

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